5 Reasons our certification is for you.
  1. Convenient and easy to use
  2. Low cost and high pass rate
  3. Accepted by most MA and PDP plans
  4. Continuing Education credits available
  5. Supported by nation’s leading industry experts
Get Certified Now

Advice. Value. Certified.

Certified advisor—that's the role of today's sales agents in Medicare Advantage.

Adding value for today’s beneficiaries means being certified—having the knowledge of Medicare Advantage products, benefits, service areas and the latest rules of selling.

Most importantly, it means advising your Medicare clients as they navigate their MA and PDP shopping experience.

Gorman Health Group makes it easy. Our user-friendly, low-cost Medicare Sales Training and Certification Program is a now just one click away.

Selling MA and PDP Drug Plans requires that all agents selling to Medicare beneficiaries are trained and tested on the Medicare program, on health plan benefits and procedures, and on CMS requirements.

Gorman Health Group’s Sales Certification Program is developed and supported by the nation’s leading Medicare experts. More than 45,000 agents and brokers have trusted GHG’s $99 program to become trained and certified.

What's in it for you? Gorman Health Group's sales certification is easy to complete and, unlike other programs, is developed with your sales success in mind. Join the more than 45,000 agents using GHG’s trusted certification program today.

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